Become Certified

with Flutter and Wink

in Microblading

Natural brows can be beautifully created with microblading and/or microshading.   At the Flutter and Wink Academy you will learn to create beautiful brows through color theory and brow mapping that will be long lasting and natural looking to enhance any client's face.  You will learn both hand held microblading and shading with our team of educators. 


Educator: Jennifer is certified 3x in Microblading, Lip Blush, Eyeliner and Color Theory Removal 


Become Certified in Microblading from one of the state’s leading educational teams. Our team can be counted among the most trusted with safety being our number one concern and will give you training that is above and beyond. We make every effort to ensure that our training courses are not only comprehensive, but also fun and interactive. We want you to enjoy yourself while you are learning valuable new techniques and skills. 


Where and When?

We are currently offering private classes, for individuals and groups, at our salon located at 13025 NE Fourth Plain Blvd., Vancouver WA 98682.  It is two full days of high-intensity certification training for hand held microblading and shading.



The total cost for our certification is $2,700. A deposit of $500 is required upon registration to hold your spot, which will then be applied to the total cost of the course. The remaining cost ($2,200) is due two weeks before course date. We will contact you two weeks before class date for the remainder of the cost. 


If you would like to train with a friend there is a discount of $100 for each of you for signing up together. The total cost for this course includes all the items you will need for the training plus enough products to practice & get ready to take your first client. You may also sit in on an additional course if needed at no extra cost.


Please Note:

When you register with the Flutter and Wink Academy Microblading course, you are acknowledging and affirming that you are licensed in tattooing and have your blood borne pathogen certificate. State licensing requirements for microblading vary from state to state, so it is incumbent upon you to research the requirement for your state and comply with any laws and requirements concerning tattooing. 


Thank you and we look forward to working with you soon!